I am the Otto Poon Research Fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) at the University of Oxford.

In September 2017, I’ll be joining the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford as an Associate Professor (equivalent to a tenure-track assistant professor in the US) and St. Catherine’s College as a Tutorial Fellow.

Between 20 March and 27 May 2017, I’ll be a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at MIT and will be teaching a course on networks with Devavrat Shah.

My Job Market CV

Refugee Resettlement (Job Market Paper)

(with David Delacrétaz and Scott Duke Kominers)

Abstract: Over 100,000 refugees are permanently resettled from refugee camps to hosting countries every year. Nevertheless, refugee resettlement processes in most countries are ad hoc, accounting for neither the priorities of hosting communities nor the preferences of refugees themselves. Building on models from two- sided matching theory, we introduce a new framework for matching with multidimensional constraints that models refugee families’ needs for multiple units of different services, as well as the service capacities of local areas. We propose several refugee resettlement mechanisms that can be used by hosting countries under various institutional and informational constraints. Our mechanisms can improve match efficiency, incentivize refugees to report where they would like to settle, and respect priorities of local areas thereby encouraging them
to accept more refugees overall. Beyond the refugee resettlement context, our model
has applications ranging from the allocation of daycare slots to the incorporation of
complex diversity constraints in public school assignment.

Refugees’ Say

With Will Jones, I co-founded a public policy project, called Refugees’ Say, which aims to implement matching systems for refugee resettlement around the world. Please visit the website for resources on refugee matching and media coverage of our work.

Our recent papers on refugee matching include:


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